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If fit is not proper

If fit is not proper A custom made shirt may require multiple trials before a proper fitting is attained. For this purpose we suggest when you receive your shirt, try it on and in case the measurements do not seem to be up to your standard or style is lacking, you may request a remake. However before ordering a remake, there are certain recommendations given below, which will ensure your satisfaction:

I. Shirts are crafted in 100% cotton fabric, therefore we suggest that they are washed a couple of times in order to rule out any effects of possible shrinkage.
II. While checking the length, it is necessary try it on in your regular style, i.e. tucked-in or un tucked.
III. If you intend to wear a tie, then check the shirt collar with a tie on.
IV. Emailing photographs of the shirt will help us resolve any issues. For this purpose please follow the guideline given below:

Shrinkage percentage

How Cotton Lure deals with Shrinkage?